TSTBE-20038 Trollbeads Blue Sodalite

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TSTBE-20038 Trollbeads Blue Sodalite

Meaning of Trollbeads Blue Sodalite:

Sodalite gives you confidence when having conversations and brings order and mental peace. This gemstone can also help when you are giving a speech.

Item No.: TAGBE-00283

Weight: 2.35g

Main Material: Silver 925


Lise Aagaard

This silver charm bead fits Trollbeads bracelets and Trollbeads necklaces. Perfect if you want to put together a glass beads Trollbeads bracelet or Trollbeads necklace.

The Trollbeads jewelry is always delivered in the original Trollbeads packaging.

The purchased Trollbeads jewelry is always sent by registered and insured mail with Bpost.

  • Dimension: 2.56
  • Material : Gemstone

This silver / gold charm bead fits Trollbeads bracelets and Trollbeads necklaces. Perfect if you are creating a glass Trollbeads bracelet or necklace. Trollbeads jewelry are delivered together in the original Trollbeads box with 2 years warranty. (if you separate package like you can indicate this + may leave a message with your order in the shopping basket)

Purchased Trollbeads are always sent by insured and registered mail.

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Embrace the magic of nature

This fall Trollbeads Online takes you into the magical nature of an autumn forest. The stunning new glass beads seem to catch every nuance of nature and reflect, like a hidden lake in a forest.

The new gems reflect all facets and shades of earthy autumn colors - soft honey yellow to intense cinnamon brown.

In the silver designs you see the magic and fantasy, where Trollbeads so famous for, right back.

Enchanting glass beads

The six glass beads that form the natural balance set to be a feast for the eyes. Soft autumn shades with all the sparkle and wonderful names that speak directly to the imagination: Pure heart, Happiness Rainbow, Peace Shades, The Power of sunset, the power of hope and purity.

The cost of the beads is € 31 each. The price of the set is € 155. With the purchase of a set of six so you get the 6th bead as gift!

Colorful glass beads

For lovers of bold colors the dreams of freedom set is a perfect addition to the collection. The colors provide inspiration for inner peace and daydreaming. Discover the beads Poppies full of hope, Daydreaming, Pollen, Spiritual cone, Unbreakable bonds and fiery meditation.

The cost of the beads is € 31 each. The price of the set is € 155. With the purchase of a set of six so you get the 6th bead as gift!

Mysterious silver, beads and locks

Discover the magical world the Trollbeads in the silver beads as unicorn, Sage Meerman, Hart Hunter and the Phoenix - the bird that rises from its ashes again and again. The Dancing butterfly, tree full of treasures and Starry Night to fit perfectly with the story that carries one of your customers to her bracelet. A total of 17 new silver beads and two new locks added to the collection.

  • Designer

    Lise Aagaard

    Being from a family of jewellers I have had the lifelong privilege of being immersed in a constant learning environment of art, form, and material. Always facing the possibilities and boundaries of innovation from a professional point-of-view. I can honestly say that I am inspired by anything and everything. Diversity ignites my curiosity in life as well as in the worlds of metal, precious stones, pearls, amber and glass. I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to touch people from all over the world through my work. As she speaks, Lise Aagaard reminds you of the glass beads she is so committed to creating. Like them, she is vibrant, playful, lively and profound. And, like glass, no-one can force Lise to do anything she doesn't want to do. Lise is motivated by the desire to create. This applies regardless of whether she's running the Trollbeads company or designing the Trollbeads themselves, which are now produced in their thousands and sold across the world. Quote from the book 'An Icon in Jewellery Design' 

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