Allan Bayer

Allan Bayer was born in 1974, he qualified as a Goldsmith under the tuition of renowned designer Jytte Kløve and, in 2007, opened his own workshop/store in Copenhagen.

The symbiotic balance between Allan Bayer's passion for Shamanism and the natural world, and his former career as an auto-mechanic with an infatuation for the pulsating city life, culminates in beautiful, authentic jewelry.

Allan's jewelry is inspired by the intricate forms found in nature. He works in painstaking detail to create pieces that remain true to their natural form.

He is (in his own words) a real city geek who tries to be connected to both modern society and nature, to power and feelings, to rock music and tree-hugging!

Motion and development, adventure and simplicity are keywords in Allan's work.

There is an inner peace about Allan, like an old tree - a hundred year old oak in a young man's body!